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Top 6 Low Carb Keto Green Smoothie Recipes

Top 6 Low Carb Keto Green Smoothie Recipes

Hey ketogenic enthusiast, start your day with these amazing top 6 low carb keto green smoothie recipes. These low carb keto green smoothie recipes are simply the best; they taste delicious, quick, easy, healthy, diabetic-friendly, and sugar-free.

It has been said that the Keto diet is good for your health because it burns your excess calories and helps you lose weight. If you are also looking for a healthy and tasty drink to quench your thirst, then you might want to try a Keto Green Smoothie.

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Whether you are on a net or low-calorie diet, these energizing green drinks and smoothies taste so good and keep calories low as well. With healthy fats and flavorful ingredients, you can easily miss the sugar in everything else.

There are several ways you can prepare a Keto Green Smoothie. You can make the recipe the same way you make any other green smoothie; you can use fresh or frozen veggies and fruits of your choice.

You can even choose to add some protein powder to make it more taste-friendly. When preparing vegetables, use the maximum amount of vegetables that will be good for you without overloading your body with unhealthy fats.

There are some great ingredients you can add to a keto green smoothie. First on the list is the zucchini. Carrots and avocados are next on the list. You should load up on raw vegetables as well to make sure you get enough vitamins and minerals.

You should not forget the bananas as they also contain lots of nutrients. You should remember that the entire reason behind the diet is to burn fat so make sure to keep your consumption of high-fat foods to a minimum.

The next step is to blend all of the ingredients together until the consistency of the green smoothie is similar to a thick cream. You can blend the ingredients very well if you have a powerful blender.

Remember to replace the blender if it starts to break down as the mixture cools down. If you would like to add more ingredients to your recipe, you can. For example, if you have a yogurt and banana recipe, you can add an additional yogurt and a few additional banana slices.

Lastly, you should take advantage of the delicious sweet taste of the low-carb green smoothie. Low-carb is great because it allows you to consume more calories without having to feel guilty about it.

You can actually taste the ingredients in the healthy green smoothie because it contains wholesome ingredients that do not make it taste too sweet. If you would like to get the full-bodied taste from the sugar in the fruit and the yogurt, you can easily throw in some extra honey or ice cubes.

One added tip is to never buy fruit that is already laden with sugar. Some examples of sugar-loaded fruit are prunes, Brazil nuts, pineapples, and even dried fruits. You can also use brown rice syrup as a sweetener but you will need to watch out for the syrup's sodium content.

You can also add coconut sugar instead of using refined white sugar. By using the right combination of sweeteners, a green smoothie can have the taste and the nutritional benefits of the best-known high-sugar fruits such as bananas, strawberries, and peaches.

Top 6 Low Carb Keto Green Smoothie Recipes

1. Avocado Mint Green Keto Smoothie


  • 1/2 of an avocado (about 3-4 ounces)
  • 3/4 cup full fat coconut milk
  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • Sweetener to taste
  • 5-6 large mint leaves
  • 3 sprigs of cilantro
  • 1 squeeze of lime juice
  • ¼ tsp vanilla
  • 1 – 1 1/2 cup crushed ice


Place all of the ingredients except the ice into the blender. Blend on low speed until completely pureed. Add the crushed ice and blend. Taste to adjust sweetness and tartness. Serve.

2. Citrus Keto Green Smoothie


  • oz milk of choice
  • scoop Perfect Keto Micronutrients Greens Powder in Orange
  • tbsp Perfect Keto C8 MCT oil
  • tsp orange zest
  • tablespoon lemon juice
  • tablespoon lime juice
  • handful of ice
  • 1/8 teaspoon xanthan gum (if desired, makes the smoothie thicker)
  • handful of spinach (if desired)


  • Add all ingredients to a high-speed blender and mix on high until smooth.

3. Ketogenic Breakfast Smoothie


  • spinach
  • almonds
  • brazil nuts
  • coconut milk
  • greens powder
  • whey protein
  • potato starch
  • psyllium seeds (or psyllium husks).


  • Add all ingredients to a high-speed blender and mix on high until smooth.

This delicious green smoothie uses Amazing Grass greens powder as well as fresh spinach in it. Add in some brazil nuts for its selenium and some almonds for a nutty flavor, and you have a healthy, nutritious, and delicious breakfast smoothie.

4. Refreshing Cucumber Celery Lime Smoothie


  • celery
  • cucumber
  • lime
  • water
  • ice


  • Add all ingredients to a high-speed blender and mix on high until smooth. Serve and drink.

If you’re feeling like something light and refreshing when you wake up, then this is a great smoothie for cleansing your palate and hydrating your body. This is also perhaps the easiest of all 28 ketogenic smoothie recipes in this post.

5. Coconut Milk Strawberry Smoothie


  • frozen strawberries
  • unsweetened coconut milk
  • almond butter
  • stevia


  • Add all ingredients to a high-speed blender and mix on high until smooth. Serve and drink.

Keto smoothies can be really simple – like this recipe. It’s filled with healthy fats as well as delicious strawberry flavors. And all you have to do is dump in and blend.

6. Low Carb Cold Brew Protein Shake Smoothie


  • cold brew coffee
  • almond milk
  • Rootz Paleo Chocolate Banana Nut Protein Powder
  • ice cubes


  • Add all ingredients to a high-speed blender and mix on high until smooth. Serve and drink.

5 Best keto smoothies for weight loss

Keto smoothies for weight loss have become very popular in the last few years. This is because they are extremely nutritious, and the ingredients are usually quite inexpensive.

However, not many people know how to make them, or what they actually do for the body. This article will explain the various benefits of consuming this type of drink, as well as why you should be careful about putting too much sugar in it.

As with any type of smoothie, keto smoothies should be made with fresh or frozen fruits. Even though they may taste bland at first, you will find that once they are blended properly, they are very delicious! You can choose from a variety of healthy fruits, including berries, bananas, apples, melons, peaches, and more.

One of the best benefits of this type of smoothie is that it is loaded with fiber. Fiber is known to be very healthy, as it helps to get the body to absorb nutrients better.

For example, a glass of fruit juice with eight ounces of water has the same amount of calories as a medium pizza, but it has twice the healthy fiber! This means that by including a variety of fruits in your smoothie each day, you can help your body become healthier on several levels.

It is also important to realize that your body does not always go back to eating the way it used to. Sometimes, this can be due to health conditions or simply a bad diet. When this happens, the body will not be able to metabolize food as well as it could.

This is when having a good beverage such as this can come in handy. Not only is it a great fuel for weight loss, but it is also a great meal replacement for people who need it but cannot eat a healthy meal.

While smoothies are certainly beneficial to weight loss and general health, there are many more reasons why they are a great idea for losing weight.

One way to get a handful of them into your diet is to use them in conjunction with one of the other great quick weight loss diets out there today.

For example, if you are looking to drop some pounds, try combining them with low-carb diets or the South Beach diet. If you want to lose a few inches around your waist, add a few ounces to a blend of smoothies each day.

The next time you go shopping for supplements or foods for your diet, look for products that have a keto version. That way, you can have delicious drinks every day without having to worry about going off the track and getting hungry.

With any luck, you will find that these kinds of diet supplements and meals will work well for you and provide you with long-term weight loss results. So put a few dollars together and try some of these ideas for weight loss Ketones!

1. Keto Mixed Berry Smoothie

By making use of frozen berries (they are low in net carbohydrates!), you can get the feeling of spring throughout the year. This shake uses only a handful of ingredients, consisting of collagen and coconut milk, for a healthy increase in protein and fat.

Per smoothie: 50 calories, 2 g fat, 5 g carbs, 1 g fiber, 7 g protein


2. Blueberry Galaxy Smoothie

The base of this smoothie is full-fat coconut milk, which makes it a terrific option for keto dieters. It likewise has a strong serving of protein to keep you feeling full longer. Devine says the medium-chain triglyceride oil (a.k.a. MCT oil) that remains in this keto shake will help you pack in a lot more healthy fats.

Per smoothie: 343 calories (189 calories from fat), 21 g fat, 3 g carbs, 31 g of protein


3. Almond Milk Strawberry Avocado Keto Smoothie

The combination of strawberries, almond milk, and avocado may not strike you as anything to write home about– but we assure you this smoothie comes together in a satisfying and perfectly sweet way.

Per serving: 106 calories, 7 g fat, 12 g carbs, 4 g sugar, 5 g fiber, 1 g protein


4. Matcha Green Energy Smoothie

Almonds and coconut milk make the base of this healthy smoothie, however, the star of the recipe is most absolutely the matcha. A kind of powdered green tea, matcha is rich in antioxidants and supplies a boost of energy without the crash that coffee can trigger. Give the recipe a try early in the morning when you need to get things done.

Per smoothie: 75 calories, 1 g fat, 8 g carbs, 2 g fiber, 4 g protein


5. Clean And Green Smoothie

When you think of a healthy smoothie, you're most likely not visualizing a tasty treat loaded with herbs, turmeric, and fresh lemon juice, however, this recipe completely up the game. Not only is loaded with fats from avocado and MCT oil, but it also has anti-inflammatory ingredients like leafy greens and turmeric to aid digestion.

Per smoothie: 360 calories, 33 g fat, 10 g protein, 12 g carbs, 8 g fiber



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